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Picture of an ejector half of a high pressure die cast mould of a substrate instrument panel casting


Cana-Datum is a full service tooling source from prototype & product development to production tooling with complete ongoing maintenance services. Our focus has always been on advanced engineering and manufacturing of high pressure die cast dies for the light metals industry. Projects for powertrain, engine block, IP’s and large structural components include platforms for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Tesla, Jaguar, Audi and Tier 1 automotive die casters.

We also develop sand casting tools, permanent moulds, graphite, tilt & pour permanent moulds, low pressure moulds, plaster moulds, investment castings, and lost foam castings.

High pressure die casting mould for an aluminum oil pan fully assembled and ready for shipment
Screen shows steel inventory on metal skids
Screen shows hardened steel subinsert being machined on a high speed vertical CNC machine
Screen shows several finished components ready for assembly into a high pressure die casting die
Screen shows a high pressue die cast mould insert being machined on a vertical CNC machine