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Screen shows a toolmaker using an angle grinder to remove steel from a work piece


Our team of 15 designers and engineers work with our customers to design and develop the tool to fit their specific needs (multiple slides, floating cores, etc).

Our engineers are also involved in the inspection of the tool to ensure that the tool meets the highest standards of manufacturing. Our dedicated team is at the heart of our business.

Our facility is over 50,000 sq. ft in size and we incorporate the latest technologies in CNC and EDM and daily tracking procedures to reduce shop wait times and provide improved delivery dates, in some cases only 6 weeks for rapid tools.

Our technology, people and processes have allowed us to build tools for up to 4,000 ton die casting machines including in-house validation on our 3,500 ton die casting cell, to achieve benchmark delivery dates as we continue to grow to meet customer needs.

Screen shows a toolmaker grinding detail work on a finished mould with a pencil grinder
A machine operator on a jig boring machine aligns a work piece to the table of the machine
Screen shows a welder repairing a work piece with a tig welding rod
A toolmaker is adjusting settings on EDM machine where an electrode is burning its shape on a mould