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Complete 3-D assembly of a high pressure die cast die for a transfer case is shown on the screen


Each member our Advanced Engineering Staff has a minimum of 10 years of industry experience. Our Advanced Engineering Staff uses industry specific tools and techniques to ensure that the initial design is cast-ready and mould-ready.

  • Casting models in CATIA, NX and Pro-Eng
  • Generate part model from part print
  • Generate part print from model with complete GD & T
  • Reverse engineer part model from existing casting or tooling
  • Part model optimization for the casting process
  • Repair and updating of existing part models
  • Runner, gating, venting and overflow design
  • Mould flow and optimization of flow path
  • Overflow and venting design and placement
  • Analysis for fill porosity and knit line formation
  • Rapid simulation*
  • Solidification and Thermal Stress
  • Temperature control analysis
  • Casting defect analysis
A complete ejector half assembly of a mould for a large structural component
A complete cover half assembly of a high pressure die casting mould for a structural component
Die designer showing a partial die design on one screen and a 3-D model on the second monitor
Picture of light metal substrate instrument panel
Transparency shows complete assembly of  ejector half of a mould for a high pressure die casting die
Solidification model of an automotive transfer case
Die designer showing a 3-D model of a product for high pressure die casting